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The Company

At APEX MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT CO., LTD we specialize in biscuit sandwiching machines and biscuit production line manufacturing and exporting. We produce biscuit production lines, including forming machines, baking tunnel ovens, cooling equipment, sandwiching machines, and automation systems for after baking. Our product lines also include on-line sandwiching and on-line packing and cartoning, and packaging machines.

In 2007, APEX set up Zhuhai Tianxiang, which moved to Zhongshan City. This factory is quite famous now in China and South East Asia for biscuit sandwiching machines. Many big biscuit companies are using our sandwiching machines. We are currently making 1 lane to 6 lanes sandwiching machines and each lane stable running speed can reach 600 sandwiches/minute. We also produce lane multipliers and row combiners for on-line flow wrapping. For South East Asia markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, we specially designed a machine which is suitable for pineapple jam sandwiching. Our sandwiching machines have been exported to Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, US, Africa and South Asia countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and many other countries. With a pneumatic cream blocking system, our sandwiching machine has the no-bottom-biscuits-no-cream function.

In 2010, APEX set up a factory, named Jiangmen Chuangyu, to produce automation systems for after baking. At first, our projects were mainly from Jiangmen Kraft. Now, our automation systems have been exported to US, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. We specialize in providing various customized solutions to achieve the automation of baked products, like stacking, sandwiching, chocolate enrobing, cooling, tray loading, and various feeding equipment for different packing systems and cartoning, etc.

In 2014, APEX had set up a joint venture named Sinoam Food Solutions with American company All Food Equipment(AFE) and Bakery Technology Enterprises. We have since imported a lot of technology from the US company and the American engineering team, who visits our factory frequently to guide the production of equipment and do research and development together with our Chinese engineering team. Our biscuit lines have been exported to the US, Pakistan Kraft, Fiji, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries.

In 2015, APEX became a shareholder of QingDao Nouanz Packaging Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. This factory had been producing horizontal packing machine since 80s. We tried to improve the packing machines from the root, including machine’s performance, function, exterior, etc. Our packing machines are servo motors, touch screen and PLC controled. The back sealing wheels can be automatic opened while the machine stops to avoid film burnt wastage. With our auto splicer, the film can be spliced automatically while the machine is running in high speed. The electronic cam will guarantee higher packing speed, flexibility and wider packing range, also, it can provice on-demand packing functions and electronic cutting-on-product-proof functions. We have exported the packing machines to USA, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, India, etc. The packing machines can work together with sandwiching machines or automation systems for on-line packing.

APEX makes whole systems for biscuit production, confection production, chocolate production, packaging, and so much more. Contact us to find out how we can help your company produce better products in more cost-effective ways.