Biscuit Sandwiching Machines

With the help of our sandwiching machines, your commercial biscuit making will never be the same again. Our wide range of biscuit sandwiching machines is the culmination of many years of industrial food processing research and testing. We observed that many commercial biscuit production processes were not as efficient and profitable as they should be. After a series of adjustments and upgrades to our existing food processing equipment we are proud to present our innovative collection of biscuit sandwiching equipment that is designed to produce the highest quality sandwiched cookies and biscuits at some of the best prices in the industry.


Biscuit Sandwiching Machines

Apex biscuit sandwiching machines are known the world over for their quality and reliability. We take pride in our equipment because it has helped many industrial food producers to significantly increase output, reduce sanitation and maintenance downtimes and promote overall efficiency in their food production lines. Our biscuit sandwiching machines ensure consistent product quality and easy changeovers with minimal supervision from employees.

The high attention to detail put into the engineering and design of these machines is like no other. You can expect world-class food processing equipment at affordable prices.


Biscuit Sandwiching Machine Manufacturer

Apex is a renowned biscuit sandwiching machine manufacturer with decades of experience in the food processing industry. Our aim is to help our clients increase production from existing or new equipment that they will acquire. Our sandwiching machines can be used to produce many different shapes and sizes of biscuits. You can produce square, rectangular or even round biscuits.

You can easily make biscuit sandwiches with a variety of fillings such as mini sandwiches, double deposits, 3-tier sandwiches, and specialty shapes. Our superior equipment greatly minimizes the amount of product breakage, product handling, and overall capital cost.


Biscuit & Cookie Sandwiching Equipment

Our biscuit sandwiching equipment is available in a variety of specifications from single lane versions to 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 6 lane versions. All versions offer benefits such as high-speed operation, high production output capacity, easy maintenance, high efficiency and low production cost. These are the sandwiching machines of choice for commercial biscuit makers worldwide.

The team of food processing professionals at Apex has many years of training and experience in the designing and engineering of industrial food processing equipment. You can be sure that any of our sandwiching equipment for sale is of the highest quality and integrity. We stand by all the equipment we make and that is why we offer long-standing warranties for all our food processing equipment and production lines.


State of The Art Biscuit Sandwiching

We know very well that competition among food producers is very stiff. Only the most innovative and outstanding manufacturers can make a name for themselves in the market. Any biscuit maker that wishes to produce the best possible products for their target market should make use of state of the art equipment that incorporates innovative technologies for optimal performance. This is the only way to gain an edge over your competition.

Our biscuit sandwiching machines can help you stay ahead of your competition by offering you superior service at an affordable price.

Main Features

Sanitary Design

Stencil head will be blocked automatically to prevent the cream leaking onto the chain when the machine is stopped or the failure of bottom biscuit feeding has been detected. The chain is automatically cleaned and dried. Space under the sandwiching table is empty and with collecting trolleys to collect and remove the waste.

Easy Operation

The biscuit guide bars can be adjusted simultaneously to simplify the exchange between different biscuits. Touch screen control, it provides combined control and individual control for biscuit and cream feeding, stacking, etc.

High Speed

The sandwiching speed can reach up to 600 sandwiches/min for each single lane.

Learn more about biscuit sandwiching machine fillings in this manual.


Apex Offers The Best Biscuit Sandwiching Machines

Making biscuits is much easier when you have the right machinery at your disposal. Apex makes top-of-the-line biscuit machines that are both effective and reliable. Apex machinery is used by some of the top biscuit makers in the world. The quality and durability of our biscuit machines make our products an ideal choice.

Sandwiching Machines That Are Easy To Use

It shouldn’t be a hassle to make biscuits, and with Apex, it doesn’t have to be. It’s easy to start production with our machinery, and it’s easy to stop it if needed. Because the machines are equipped with product sensors, they can produce biscuits with minimal input from the user.

When you use our machines, you can automate the biscuit making process. These machines don’t require constant monitoring; they can be started up and left to work. If you’re going to invest in sandwiching machines, you should pick something that you can use without hassle. These machines are the perfect option.

A Stellar Reputation

Apex has built a name for ourselves over the years. We have an excellent reputation, and we work to maintain that reputation. We go above and beyond to ensure the quality of our machinery.

When you’re making an investment like this, you’ll want to stick with a manufacturer that you can rely on. Apex is that manufacturer. We’ve earned our reputation, and we’re going to keep on earning it. We’ll always go the extra mile.

Fast Production

Our machines work rapidly and can produce large quantities of biscuits in a short period of time. These machines can dramatically increase the number of biscuits that you can make in a day. If you’re struggling to meet the demands of your customers, investing in these machines could be very helpful to you.

When you use Apex machinery, you’ll be able to make all of the biscuits that you need to make without any issue. Our machines work rapidly, and they have very few issues. Stick with our machines, and you won’t have to worry about anything slowing you down.

Quick And Simple Cleanup

One of the frustrating things about using biscuit sandwiching machines is the cleanup process. If you have to spend a long time cleaning a machine between uses, it could wind up slowing you down. Luckily, these machines are designed to be easy to clean.

Because of the way our machines are designed, you won’t have to worry about cream leaking during production. This means that there will be less mess during production, which means you’ll have less cleanup to do when you’re done making your biscuits. Our machines are designed to make food, and they are highly sanitary.

Apex machines can be cleaned in no time at all, which can increase your overall productivity. Don’t let cleanup keep you from making biscuits. Work with our machines so that the cleanup process will be over in a flash.

Options For Every Sandwich Biscuit Maker

Apex offers a range of biscuit machines, which means you’ll be able to choose an option that meets all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a 2-land machine or a 6-lane machine, we can provide the type of machinery that you’re interested in. Take the time to explore Apex’s sandwiching machines and see what solution would be best for you.

When you choose an Apex machine, you’ll be able to select a machine that produces the kind of biscuits you’re interested in making. From double color sandwiching machines to machines that work with pineapple jam, you’ll be able to produce any biscuit that you’re interested in making. We even provide mechanisms for making concave biscuits.

We offer a number of options so that sandwich makers don’t have to make major compromises. When you work with us, you’ll be able to get what you’re looking for and invest in the ideal machine for your needs.

Durable And Reliable Machinery

Apex has been making sandwiching machines for a very long time, and we’ve learned a great deal over the years. We put our knowledge and expertise to good use and work to make machines of the highest possible quality. All of our machines are extremely resilient, and they’re all very reliable too.

When you’re investing in machinery like this, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Instead of spending money on machinery that’s a bad fit for you, you can make sure you get precisely what you want and need. Apex takes pride in the machines that we make, and we’ll provide a machine that you can count on.


With the right biscuit sandwiching machines, you’ll be able to increase your output and your consistency. If you’re in the market for sandwiching machines, you’ll want to look at Apex’s offerings. Our impressive products have made us a top choice for many people in this industry.