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High Speed Cartoning Machine

Machine’s Features:

  1. High speed cartoning machine is designed for all kinds of products which need to be packed in carton or box. The whole process is fully automatic, which includes box feeding, box filling, flap folding, glue spraying, box sealing, and finished product discharging. The whole machine uses mechanical transmission system, which features high stability, high accuracy, low noise, easy maintenance and operation.
  2. Using planetary motion vacuum box board picking up system, which ensures high picking up speed and stable box opening. No products no box picking up.
  3. 10 sets of follow-up type pushing arms ensure the synchronizations of each motion for pushing the products into the box.
  4. Large box board storage capacity, each time can load 2000~3000 boxes board into the hopper.
  5. Using safety clutch to realize the automatic stop under overload.
  6. Automatic glue spraying and automatic mechanical date printing.

Technical Parameter:



Packing Speed

Standard Speed: 100 boxes/min

Speed Range: 20-150 boxes/min

Max Speed: 150 boxes/min

Box Board Specification


Box Size

L:105-250mm, W: 50-230mm, H: 30-120mm

Air Compression

Pressure: 5Kgf/cm ²;

Consumption: 640NL/min

Glue Sprayer