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Biscuit & Cookies Production Line

Here at Apex Machinery and Equipment Company, LLC, we focus on producing, and selling completed biscuit production lines, including soft and hard biscuit production lines, soda cracker production lines, cookies production lines, food drying machines, etc.

Our Commercial Biscuit, Cookie & Cracker Production Equipment

The global food and confectionery industry is currently worth billions of dollars. This is an industry that has experienced exponential growth in the past couple of years. This tremendous growth and expansion can be attributed to the evolution of the consumer market over time. Consumers are buying more and more foodstuffs from retail and wholesale stores. This trend is not expected to change anytime soon.

Some of the best-selling foodstuffs and snacks on store shelves today are biscuits, cookies, and crackers. These are snacks that everybody loves. People of all ages from tiny toddlers to adults and even elderly seniors enjoy eating these snacks on a day to day basis. Because of this fact, the biscuit, cookie, and cracker manufacturing business has been quite lucrative and it continues to be.

At Apex Machinery and Equipment Company, LLC, we offer a wide range of automated equipment and machinery for biscuit, cookie and cracker production. Our equipment can be used for the manufacture of these foods and snacks in large scale for sale or bulk consumption.

Biscuit & Cookie Production Equipment

Biscuit and cookies are notably some of the best-selling or fast-moving consumer goods out there today. Meeting the demand of the consumer market in your locality or other regions can be quite strenuous if you do not have the right production or manufacturing equipment. Our biscuit and cookie production equipment can help you meet your production needs and requirement. Apex’s biscuit and cookie making machines are of high quality and can be used for the complete manufacture of biscuits and cookies from start to finish.

Our comprehensive list of biscuits and cookie manufacturing equipment and machinery has been developed through extensive research and development. This work is done by experts who have years of experience in the food processing and manufacturing industry.


Commercial Biscuit Machines – Industrial Biscuit Machines

Our commercial biscuit machines are the most sought after machines in our equipment inventory. These industrial biscuit machines are in use by big name biscuit manufactures throughout the word. Over the years, we have provided quality and durable machines and equipment to our esteemed customers in many parts of the world. We have continually upgraded our biscuit manufacturing machines over the years in a bid to make them more efficient and reliable. Our customers consider them to be some of the most efficient and reliable biscuit machines made at any price. Speaking of price, we offer some of the most competitive pricing available, considering the quality, efficiency, and reliability of the current generation. Our customers tell us they are very happy with the biscuit production machines we deliver. For a commercial biscuit machines that can propel your manufacturing process to next level, and enhance your bottom line with its efficiency, you’ll want to contact us for a custom quote. We build quality biscuit machines that last, at a price that makes sense.

Cookie Manufacturing Machines & Equipment

Our cookie manufacturing equipment and machinery is also similarly sought after by many large international companies. Many people think cookies are twice as delicious as biscuits and this makes them an even better product to take to the market. To ensure that your end product is of high quality, you must invest in quality equipment that can help you with the manufacture of these delicious treats from start to finish. Luckily, our cookie production machines can do just that. You do not have to move around purchasing different types of cookie making machines from different suppliers. Apex Machinery and Equipment can provide you with all the cookie manufacturing and production equipment you will need.

With cookie production, nothing can be left to chance. All manufacturing processes from mixing of the dough to Baking to Packaging must be done right. If any of these processes do not take place as expected, many losses can be incurred. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is always recommended that you use quality and reliable food production and manufacturing machinery that will never let you down. The best returns on investment can be realized if the right equipment is used.

Industrial Cookie Machines

All our industrial cookie making machines are automated meaning manual supervision or intervention is at a minimal. Automated machines are great for industrial and commercial use because of the reduced labor cost and production time as well. If your current cookie manufacturing equipment requires constant supervision and manual tuning, it is high time you invest in our fully automated industrial cookie machines. The take the effort out of making quality cookies in large scale.

Commercial Cookie Baking Equipment

At Apex Machinery and Equipment Company, LLC, we strive to make the best and most affordable commercial cookie baking equipment in the global market. Our impeccable global standing and reputation means we cannot compromise on quality, reliability, and durability when it comes to the food processing equipment we make. A perfect baking processes with minimal errors is what you should expect from our equipment. You can bake a huge number of cookies at a go using our powerful oven equipment. This can come in handy when processing large orders.

Bakery Machinery Manufacturers

Bakeries can also benefit from the wide range of food processing and manufacturing equipment that we have to offer. All types of bakery businesses from small to medium and even large bakeries can source their food production equipment from us. This is so more specifically for biscuit, cookie and cracker manufacturing. Because all these foods are baked goods, the baking machines needed to make them have to be in top shape. Our bakery machines include top of the range engineering specs that provide power and effortless control. All our baking machines are very easy to use and to clean as well.

Biscuit Production Lines — Biscuit Line Manufacturer

We offer a complete biscuit production line that has all the equipment, machines and supplies you’ll need to start the factory production of biscuits immediately. You will not need to look for extra machines or parts to complete and supplement our cookie production lines, as we can provide everything from start to finish.

Our complete biscuit production line has all the equipment needed to make both soft and hard biscuits. Some of the machines that make up the biscuit production line include baking and handling machines, soft dough forming machines, mixing and dough feed equipment, sheet forming and cutting equipment, biscuit sandwiching and many more. If your business is the production of biscuits of any type, we can provide the solutions you need. We are a respected world known biscuit line manufacterer. Contact us with your questions and requirements. 

Cookie Production Lines — Cookie Line Manufacturer

We offer complete industrial and commercial cookie production lines that include all the equipment, machines, and supplies you’ll need to start or expand your production immediately. We offer high quality, turnkey cookie production lines.

Some of the machines that make up the biscuit production line include baking and handling machines, mixing and dough feed equipment, sheet forming and cutting equipment, soft dough forming machines, biscuit sandwiching machines and anything else you will need to mass produce cookies at an industrail pace.

We have decades of experience as a cookie line manufacturer, and work closely with our American partners to provide the world with high quality machines and components that produce the best quality and best tasting product availible. Contact us to find out more.

Commercial Cracker & Biscuit Equipment

As you can tell, our commercial biscuit equipment has all the necessary machinery, equipment, and components you need to begin your biscuit making business.

We cannot forget about our range of commercial cracker production equipment. Crackers are loved by many consumers from various parts of the world. Making these crunchy treats is extremely easy with the help of our commercial cracker manufacturing equipment.

To learn more about our biscuit & cookie production equipment please visit the pages of our site. 

All hygiene and safety aspect of our biscuit and cookie machines have been considered in the desing of our equipment. Consider sources such as these biscuit, cookie, and cracker manufacturing manuals by Stanford University.

Cookie And Biscuit Production Line

Apex Machinery and Equipment Company is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries focusing on process technology and components for sophisticated production processes in various end-user markets.

Customized Solutions for all Types of Cookies and Biscuits

Every packet or carton of commercially produced cookies or biscuits available for purchase contains perfectly baked, textured, and tasty products for the enjoyment of consumers. The production of high-quality cookie and biscuit products relies on high-quality processing machinery and technologies. At Apex we offer a comprehensive range of product handling systems including dough feeding systems, rotary molders, depositors, tunnel ovens, and product handling systems capable of being configured to handle any cookie or biscuit dough mix process and any type of recipe. Apex technologies can supply a complete new production line or integrate it into an existing plant to upgrade and increase capacity.

Efficiency at Highest Capacity

Precise dough depositing is critical for the production of consistently high-quality cookie and biscuit products. At Apex we have developed a high-quality range of systems that combine speed with versatility and accuracy. Our highly innovative technologies produce fluid, dense, or whipped doughs to make plain or decorated, smooth or wire cut, single or filled cookies. The process can also integrate the use of mixes that contain particulates such as fruits, chocolate chips or chopped nuts. Efficient processing at the highest capacity combined with user-friendly operation and flexibility to quickly change between products is assured. Depositors feature individual ILPS technology that ensures accurate weight of dough across the entire width of a conveyor belt in order to maximize production capacity and minimize waste.

A range of technologies is available including automated cookie and biscuit systems capable of depositing single- or double-colored dough, with or without fillings, and sandwiching machines. Glazing machines, decorating rollers, and dispensers for granular toppings allow operators the freedom to produce a wide range of different products. A user-friendly PLC interface makes it easy to store and retrieve working parameters for recipes used. Optional accessories include motorized rollers, moving heads, twisting outlets, and guillotines.


State of the art tunnel ovens ensures perfectly shaped, colored and textured cookies are produced every time for each recipe. Many years of experience in the line of high capacity cookie and biscuit production has allowed us to develop ovens that precisely control heat, moisture, and pressure for perfect baking results.


Baked products need gentle handling during packaging. Our dedicated packaging systems have been developed to align, stack, and convey freshly baked, delicate cookies and biscuits for transferring to automated loaders and wrapping systems without damage.


Apex technologies offer manufacturers the flexibility to produce the most imaginative cookies and biscuits and develop unique recipes to satisfy the demands and expectations of consumers. An important feature is that a complete cookie and biscuit production line can be freely combined to accommodate workshop conditions and fulfill individual requirements. The line is fully automated with electric components and a frequency inverter that can be adjusted to control the speed of production.
Our rotary molding and dough-feeding systems gently handle biscuit doughs and can be configured with pocket rollers, rotary cutters, and conveyors. Where space is an issue, our experts can customize a compact system that will operate at full capacity without any loss of functionality.

Forming lines consisting of a sheeter and a set of gauges is used to manufacture hard, sweet biscuits. Technologies allow the dough to be handled gently throughout the process in order to avoid the dough sheet being stressed. Formed dough sheets are then passed on to a rotary cutter to form perfectly shaped cookies or biscuits. Our molding equipment produces consistent form and weight of products throughout the process. Automatic belt tensioning and a tool-free mold switchover process reduce the need for speed changing and manual tasks between production stages.

Dozens of technology formulas and hundreds of molds are available that make it possible for manufacturers to produce a wide range of popular cookie and biscuit types.

Main Components of a Cookie Production Line
– A steel dough mixer to stir the dough and mix the ingredients together
– A hard biscuit forming machine with different molds to form many kinds of hard cookies and biscuits
– A tunnel oven with a baking scope including bread, cookie, biscuit, cake, and may other products
– Sugar spreading machine to spread special ingredients like sugar, sesame seeds, salt, and other ingredients onto the surface of cookies for a wider variety of products.
– Oils sprayer to spray consumable oil onto the surface of products to improve their taste and quality
– Swerving machines can be used to cool products where there is not enough space
– Cooling and conveyor for natural cooling of cookies and biscuits and delivery to the next production step
– Stacking machine to stack cooled cookies and biscuits in lines for packing
– Packing machine for packaging into different styles of bags or cartons.

At Apex we not only supply cookie and biscuit production line machines, our engineering, technology and process experts also work with clients to configure individual solutions to match any requirements for maximum investment value.