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Our Wafer Production Line Machines

Wafer Production Line EquipmentAt Apex, we make equipment for an array of food production industries. We make automated production lines and systems for the high-speed production of biscuits, sandwich biscuits, cookies, crackers, and chocolates. We also offer quality machinery for the product of confections like hard candy, gummy candy and just about anything else our customers request.

Besides creating the machinery for food manufacturing we also have packaging equipment available. These machines are just what you need to put the perfect touch to your products. The packaging makes customers more interested in buying your goods, and it helps ensure that the products arrive in perfect condition. Your cookies, confections, crackers, and wafers will arrive fresh and delicious with our help.

Apex has been designing, developing and building an entire line of food production equipment. We make the best machinery at the best prices and offer it to you for your assured and continued success in your food industry.


Wafer Line Equipment

Wafers are a popular product and we have a full line of wafer line equipment that will provide you with complete solutions. No matter what types of wafers you need, we can make them for you. Ask us for any shape and we will be able to produce it for you.

Contact us to see how we can help your company produce the unique and delicious wafer cookies and candies you offer your customers. Below is a more detailed explanation of the machinery we have available for your wafer production.

Flat wafer production line machines put out between two to seven tons a day. Our hollow wafer production machine can provide you any shape you request. Your wafers can be cylindrical, pyramid, square, boat type and anything you can imagine.

We also have the hollow ball type wafer machine. This can produce up to 2300 pieces an hour. The soft waffle production line machine we have produces eight to nine and a half tons of wafers.

Wafer Production Line Manufacturer

Apex Machinery and Equipment Company, LLC is here for you if you own or represent food products for distribution and consumption. We work with wholesale and retail companies. We are based in China and can provide savings for any company in the world. Our machines sell in the USA, North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Equipment for the Industrial Production of Wafers

Our industrial packing machines use touch-screen and PLC controls with servo motors. The backseal wheels can automatically open when the machine is stopped to prevent burnt film. The auto splicers splice the film automatically at high speeds. This guarantees fast packing and a wider range of packing choices. Our machines also provide on-demand functions.

We can export your industrial wafer machines to the US, and most international markets around the world. Use our packing machines along with sandwiching machines or automation systems. Both will work for on-line packing. Contact us today for more information about our industrial food and wafer production line machines.

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Different Types Of Industrial and Commercial Wafer Production Equipment

The production of wafers is typically accomplished by automated machines within a commercial or industrial setting. It is accomplished by programming wafer production equipment that can produce many different sizes and patterns of this unique product line. Producing enough for worldwide distribution requires companies to invest in a large amount of equipment that can produce wafers that people enjoy purchasing at stores and online. Here are some of the different types of commercial and industrial wafer production equipment that you may want to consider purchasing if you would like to go into this industry.

What Is Wafer Line Equipment?

The patterns that you see on wafers, and the many layers of wafers that are often held together by some type of confectionery paste, are put together, as well as formed, by wafer line equipment that can produce these in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colors. The recipes that are used with these machines will work perfectly, as long as it is designed to create wafers that you are requesting. For example, you could ask for wafers that are in the shape of a boat, pyramid, square, or even cylindrical, and the companies that make these will be able to produce one for you.

Any product that is mass produced is almost always associated with some type of production line that streamlines the process. Although the wafer machines are going to create the wafers, they are likely the result of multiple machines that all work together in a production line format. Some of the top producers in the world include China, the United States, Europe and also Asia. These businesses have been producing this equipment for decades, and they have made many modern advancements. For example, almost all of these machines are computer controlled. The people that operate them will have access to a touchscreen. This will allow them to program the proper settings to create the exact wafers that customers are requesting. They may also have PLC controls, those that are equipped with servomotors, quite common in the industrial packing part of these wafer producing machines. They can work with online packing, fully automated systems that will sandwich the wafers together to create the final product.

How Many Wafers Can These Machines Produce?

Similar to industrial machines that can produce products such as egg cartons, bricks, or other similar materials, wafers are produced in a similar manner. The machines are often rated based upon their output. This output is usually measured by how many wafers that can be produced per hour. The production rate also depends on the size and dimension of the wafers, and the machines that are producing them. If you are using a soft waffle machine, or a hollow ball type wafer machine, the production levels can vary significantly. It can also be measured based upon how many tons of wafers that are produced. This is a substantial number of wafers considering how light these products are. An example of a high production machine would be one that produces flat wafers, ones that can have an output of up to 7 tons every day.

How To Find Good Deals On Wafer Production Machines

When you choose one of these machines, or if you are obtaining several of them, you need to be aware of the total cost. The cost will be a combination of how much you are paying for the machines, and how much it will cost to ship them to you. Some people prefer purchasing them in their country of origin, whereas others prefer obtaining these overseas. If you are in the United States, for example, and you order one from China, you will likely get a much better deal than if you purchased them domestically. This is because the cost of labor, and also the raw materials that are used to create the machines is substantially lower in countries like China. Even with the high cost of shipping, you will likely pay far less than you would obtaining these from a domestic source. However, if you have any problems with these machines, it might be more advantageous to pay slightly more so that you have access to the company that sold it to you. They can send representatives out to your location to restore the machines, or even improve their overall output.

Wafer production line machines are used in both commercial and industrial settings. It just depends on the size of the company and how many wafers that are typically produced. Multiple machines are usually operated in conjunction with one another to create the final product. From the individual wafers that are generated, to the machines that will compress the wafers together, these must all work at optimal levels. By doing your research online, you will find many different food manufacturing machine companies, one of which will have the exact wafer production machines that you need to improve, or even start, your business.