Food Packaging Machines - Cartoning Machines

At Apex, we offer a wide range of food packaging machines and equipment. Packaging is the final step of any food production process. Food products have to be put in proper packages for transportation and sale in the market. Packaging provides physical protection for the food products against external factors such as temperature, bacteria, compression, vibration, shock and many other things that may affect the integrity or suitability of these products. Packaging also helps to keep the food products you produce safe, clean and fresh during their entire shelf-life. Food cartoning machines are an important step in the process of creating a product that people will love.

Our range of food packaging machines is developed by food industry professionals who have years of experience in the subject field of specialization. Our packaging machines can handle a wide range of food products ranging from baked goods such as biscuits and cookies to confectionery and snacks such as waffles and chocolates. Our machines offer a safe and efficient way of packaging foods and snacks for any market. We know that packaging plays a key role in the decision making of consumers. We, therefore, do not compromise on the quality of our food packaging machines.

By making use of state of the art designs, our machines can greatly automate the packaging process of food products. Some of the innovative features you can expect from our packaging machines include modular parts and sections for easy change-overs, automatic and semi-automatic case packers and loaders, production accumulation and collation which includes down-stacking and up-stacking and many more.


Packing Machines for Biscuits, Confections, Chocolates
Apex food packing machines boast of precise placement and easy handling of packing bags, boxes, and cartons. Every part of packing is made easier and convenient by these machines. All our machines are engineered to ensure minimal intervention is needed during normal operation. This greatly reduces the amount of manpower or labor needed to package your food commodities. We make quality packing machines for biscuits, confections, chocolates, and all types of food products for the food production industry worldwide.

As with all other stages of food production, food packing is time sensitive. You cannot afford to waste time because of slow or inefficient machines especially when there are supply deadlines to meet. If your aim is to keep everything moving according to schedule then you need reliable and efficient food packing machines to make the entire process fast and seamless.

Food Packaging Equipment

Our food packaging equipment guarantees maximum output and productivity for increased commercial gains. We also put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that all our packing machines are ergonomically designed in order to facilitate easy handling and accessibility of crucial parts. There is also the ability to integrate the food packaging equipment into the food processing line so that the change-overs and transitions are smooth and less time-consuming.

To know more about different type of packaging materials, check out these sample records of various packagings.


Cartoning Machines for Sale

We at Apex create and build custom Cartoning Machines for Sale to clients all around the world. Our experience with Cartoning Machine Equipment is extensive and has been developed over decades of experience. These machines can be purchased for use with your current prodiction lines or in conjunction with an entire custom production line that we can build for you. Please fee free to contact us for more information.


Packaging Machine Manufacturers

We are the food packaging machine manufacturers of choice for many commercial food manufacturers and processors from around the world. Our strategically located factory in China allows us to supply our equipment to nearly any part of the world. Our associations in the US and around the world allow us to provide unprecedented service and support to our customers. We can build, deliver, and install the food packaging equipment you need, on a schedule that will work for you. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business grow and increase profits.


About Food Packaging Machines

A trip to a local grocery store will provide insight into how far the food packaging industry has advanced over the past 50 years. Consumers are now met with innovative and environmentally friendly packaging options for their favorite foods. However, many consumers do not have any idea just how much science and consideration manufacturers and suppliers use when choosing the best container. In fact, food packaging is a very strategic decision for many manufacturers. As a result, the food packaging machines food suppliers is essential in not only preserving the food but also offering the best packaging to ‘sell’ the product to the consumer.

Food suppliers and manufacturers use a variety of automatic food packaging machines, like the ones we offer at Apex, to make sure that products are properly sealed and packaged.

The food industry is in constant evolution. What was popular or trendy last year may be considered outdated today, and there are several factors that food suppliers should consider when choosing a design and container for their product.

Food Packaging Offers Protection

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in news stories involving recalls and food contamination. Although many of these issues originate during the harvesting or preparation of the food, food must also be protected during and after the packaging process.

Therefore, the packaging and containers must be safeguarded from several potential threats such as:

  • Tampering
  • Difficult transport
  • Food packaging must also offer biological, chemical or physical needs required by the product.

Labeling and Identification of Food Products

Food packaging is also important because it provides a plethora of information to both the grocer and the consumer. Nutritional information, expiration dates, sell-by dates, and cooking instructions are just some of the key components found on or inside of the packaging. Barcodes also allow stores to track sales and inventory of specific products.

Food Packaging Prevents Leaking

Suppliers also have to choose a food packaging machine that will ensure packages are tightly sealed, and made from a material that is resilient to internal and external threats. The entire distribution process has to stay uncompromised until the package is opened by the consumer.

Food Packaging Offers Ease Of Transport

There are many diverse types of food packages like:

  • Cans
  • Boxes
  • Bags
  • Bottles

However, do you know why some products are packaged in these containers? The answer is simple. Certain foods can be transported easier using specific containers for packaging.

For example, it would not be very logical to package water in a cardboard box or package pastries in a soda can.

Food Packaging as an Effective Marketing Tool

As previously stated, innovative design packaging will always catch the eye of the consumer. In fact, the design is just as important as the practicality and sustainability of the packaging. In many cases, brand generation and awareness begin when consumers are introduced to certain types of packaging on a regular basis. In other words, the packaging helped to generate brand awareness which equals credibility and consumer trust.

When food packaging is professional, consumers are more eager to purchase the product. They are already convinced that any food that is inside of the packaging is in good condition and safe to consume.

Research has shown that when food suppliers incorporate custom designs with their food packaging, the shelf life of the product is increased. This strategy can have a very positive impact on sales.

Also, keep in mind that package convenience will also play a major role when it comes to sales. Packaged foods that are the most popular are the ones that:

  • Are easy to open
  • Are easy to close
  • Can be reused

So, what does this all mean? Colors, patterns, and wording should be carefully considered when choosing food packaging.

Great food packaging will also reduce excess costs and waste. For example, vehicles that transport packages that are lightweight do not require as much fuel during the delivery process. Small design changes in packaging such as reducing the length of a box or slimming the neck of a bottle will help lower the number of materials needed for packaging.


Equipment for Recyclable Food Packaging

After the packaging has been used, any organic food matter that is left in the packaging will need to be removed before food packaging can be recycling. The packaging may also need to be rinsed.

Most packaging is created by using a packaging machine, and the packaging is typically made up of several types of materials like glass, plastic, metal, and paper.

Recycling and reusing these products are different acts, and by choosing to recycle food packaging, one must adhere to the algorithms and regulations set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The good news is that recycling has been rising steadily among consumers since 2005.

At Apex, our number one goal is to help food suppliers grow their revenue while also maintaining food safety during the packaging process. Our food packaging machines can be customized to meet your needs. Contact us today!