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Chocolate Machines

Apex Industrial & Commercial Chocolate Machines

As one of the leading chocolate machine manufacturers Apex Machinery Corporation designs, builds, and installs high-quality machines for the processing of all kinds of chocolates. At Apex we have everything you need to automate your chocolate production process with a tailor-made solution. Our chocolate machines include an array of applications from enrobing, tempering, molding, and spinning machines to cooling tunnels and peripheral equipment to suit your needs.

Chocolate Production Line

Our chocolate production line creates chocolate candies in many different shapes according to the molds used for instance round, triangle, olive, ball, or cashew shapes, or can be custom made according to your requirements. We can design and develop chocolate lines to any needs or specifications. 

Industrial Chocolate Making Equipment

Our industrial chocolate making equipment includes a variety of machines for all aspects of chocolate making including enrobing, molding, core forming and polishing machines to name a few. You can see many of the types of equipment and machines we produce on the pages of this site. 

Chocolate Factory Machines from Apex

Apex chocolate machines are fully automated to produce the exact application you need for your chocolate factory. A few examples include:

  • A chocolate conche machine to finely grind chocolate mass.
  • A chocolate ball mill machine to finely mill chocolate mass and admixture to a required fineness through a process of friction and impact produced between the steel balls and the chocolate material inside a vertical cylinder.
  • A fat melting tank is one of the main machines used in the production of chocolate and is used to melt chocolate mass.
  • A chocolate delivery mass pump is designed to deliver mass chocolate and can be used individually or combined with a production line to provide mass feeding. Different models are available with different flow rates for customers to choose from.
  • Our chocolate holding tank is designed with automatic temperature control to store finely ground chocolate at a constant temperature. Our chocolate mass holding tanks come in sizes from 2 to 10 tons according to your storage requirements.
  • Our continuous chocolate tempering machine is designed to give chocolates a shiny gloss, good taste, and longer shelf life by using precise temperature control to cause the molecular crystals in chocolate to maintain a uniform structure.

Commercial Chocolate Equipment

Our commercial chocolate equipment is designed and manufactured to produce mass products for commercial purposes and includes automated machines such as an aligner feeder machine that receives and aligns chocolate products into one line for wrapping. An aerating machine can be applied to your existing production line for the aeration of chocolate products that reduce the use of materials and improves the taste of the chocolate. In other words, we can make basically any type of commercial chocolate equipment for any type of operation you may have. 

 See here how Hershey’s Chocolates were made using their own commercial chocolate equipment

Chocolate Packaging Machines

Chocolate packaging machines are essential to any producer’s operation. When it comes to these types of machines Apex has extensive experience. Here are a couple of examples of the type of packaging machines we make:

  • The twist wrapping machine for use with the aligner feeder has photo mark tracking and is used for twist wrapping and sealing of chocolate products in single, double, or top twist packaging.
  • The fold wrapping machine wraps flat bottom or ball-egg chocolate products with a fold-wrap in aluminum foil and comes with an optional labeling device.

Chocolate Bar Machines

Our chocolate bar machines are designed to produce chocolate bars in all sizes – ready for wrapping and sealing in our fold-wrapping machines. Does your product call for a rectangular or square bar? How about a round or triangular bar? Maybe you need a shape that‘s really creative. That’s not a problem for us. We design and develop chocolate bar machines for all applications. 

Chocolate Making Machines

At Apex we strive to design and deliver high-quality chocolate making machines that deliver chocolate products for commercial distribution. Whatever your needs, Apex has the people, experience, and talent to help you make your vision a reality. Let us help you grow your business. Contact us with any questions you may have. 

An advisory, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration published a consumer update that sheds light on the results of an FDA study on milk in dark chocolate.

Overview Of Commercial and Industrial Chocolate Machines

When you purchase chocolate at your local store, or order it on the web, most of this originates from either commercial or industrial chocolate factories, businesses that are experts in producing different types of chocolate. They will use what are called chocolate machines, ones that are used by both industrial and commercial businesses. They are able to produce a large number of different types of chocolates, and the process is almost entirely automated. Here is an overview of the commercial and industrial chocolate machines that are produced today, and what you can expect if you decide to invest in one of them.

Overview Of Chocolate Machines

As the name indicates, these are machines that serve the sole purpose of creating chocolate candies that you can purchase at your local store. They can be tailor-made, based upon the settings that people will create before running a batch of chocolate. They can provide a large array of different applications which will include molding, tempering, and they also have spinning machines. These all work together to create the many different types and styles of chocolates that we eat every day.

Chocolate Production Line

There is a production line that is associated with every chocolate machine that is produced. That is how they are able to generate millions of different pieces of candy on autopilot. Once they have gone through the chocolate machine, the conveyor belt will then take the chocolates to specific locations within the facility. These candies will have already gone through the core forming process, and the polishing machines, ensuring that they look delectable and you take them out of the box.

How Do These Chocolate Machines Work?

Chocolate machines that are fully automated utilize many different procedures. It also depends on the type of chocolates they will make. For example, there could be a chocolate conche machine that can finally grind the chocolate down. There are those that will create chocolate balls, produced within vertical cylinders. Many of these machines that are used will have what is called a fat melting tank. This is one of the primary machines that are utilized to create massive quantities of chocolate. In some cases, especially in large industrial and commercial settings, there will be a chocolate delivery pump. This allows mass feeding of the chocolate into the system, usually at different rates, so that the different pieces of chocolate can be made per their specifications.

Other Chocolate Machines That Are Used Today

There are so many different types of chocolate machines that are produced. For example, if you are using commercial chocolate equipment, these automated machines will also have a conveyor belt that will lead them to where they will be wrapped. There are also chocolate packaging machines, twist wrapping machines, as well as fold wrapping machines. These are used to seal the chocolate in either paper or aluminum foil. Chocolate bar machines are very common today, used by some of the largest manufacturers of confectionery chocolate that is sold worldwide. They are able to produce millions of chocolate bars, of all different types, and are the main reason that we have so many to choose from. Additional chocolate machines will include the continuous chocolate tempering machine, the chocolate been production line, and many more. It just depends on the type of chocolate that you would like to produce at your facility, and there are many companies that sell them for very reasonable prices.

Our Equipment is High Quality Yet Priced Competitively

It is recommended that you do extensive searches for chocolate machines online to find companies that produce some or all of them. It is better to work with a business that has the vast majority of these machines. This will make it easier to connect the different machines together. Creating chocolate products can be very comprehensive. That’s why there are so many machines, each serving an individual purpose. By comparing prices offered by these companies, you will quickly see which business is offering the best deals on the wide variety of chocolate machines that are available.

If you are just getting into this industry, and you would like to know what to buy, you now have a general idea of the different machines that are used. If you are a seasoned veteran you have probably seen Apex at all the big industries shows around the world. We make everything you will need including a chocolate enrobing line, chocolate ball mill, and also a fat melting tank which is necessary when making chocolate in large quantities. Purchasing an aerator, and also a chocolate holding tank, will be necessary for the largest operations. Once you have everything set up, and you have workers that are trained to manage each component of your system, you will have a streamlined industrial or commercial chocolate factory that can produce as much chocolate as you need. Start doing your research today, and in no time at all, you will have all of the chocolate machines that you need for your business.