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Stick Packing Machine for Chiclets

This stick wrapping machine is designed for chiclets in stick pack that multiple chiclets into one stick with single or double pieces of papers.

This machine includes the feeding machine and packing machine. The feeding machine will align the chiclets from the hopper into a line in the feeding tunnel by electromagnet vibrator and then send these chiclets into the packing machine. The packing machine takes these chiclets and packs 4-10 chiclets into a stick with one paper or double paper.

Main Technical Parameter:

Packing Speed

– Approx. 110-140sticks/min

Product Packing Size

– Length: 19-23mm

– Width: 10-13mm

– Height: 5.5-7mm

Total Power


Air Consumption

– Compressed air consumption: 2L/min

– Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

Wrapping Materials

– Wax paper

– PP film

– Aluminum paper

Wrapping Material Dimension

– Reel diameter: 330mm

– Core diameter: 76mm