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Stick Packing Machine For Chewing Gum Slice

This machine is specially designed wrapping machine for chewing gum stick packs, and it is composed by automatic cutting part and automatic wrapping part. Well-formed chewing gum sheets were cut and fed to wrapping part for inner wrapping, middle wrapping and 5 pieces stick packing.

Main Technical Parameter:

Packing Speed

 – 650-700products/min

 – 130-140sticks/min

Product Packing Size

 – Length: 71mm

 – Width: 19mm

 – Thickness: 1.8mm

Total Power

6 KW

Air Consumption

 -Compressed air consumption: 4L/min

 -Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

Wrapping Material Dimension

 – Inner reel: reel diameter: 340mm, width: 92mm, core diameter: 76±0.5mm

 – Middle reel: reel diameter: 400mm, width: 68mm, core diameter: 152±0.5mm, distance between 2 photo marks: 52±0.2mm

 – Outer reel: reel diameter: 350mm, width: 94mm, core diameter: 76±0.5mm, distance between 2 photo marks: 78±0.2mm