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Food Processing Automation Systems Packing Machines

Here are some of our most popular machines & equipment...

Biscuit Production Line

Biscuit Production Line equipment by Apexmeco is efficient, reliable, and very cost effective.

Biscuit Sandwiching

Biscuit Sandwiching Machine equipment is essential for the industrial-scale production of sandwiched biscuits.

After Baking Automation

Our automation systems can help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and make production processes more consistent.


Founded in Zhuhai, China in 2004, APEX MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is dedicated to providing turn-key solutions for food processing, automation and packaging system for both domestic and overseas customers. Since 2007, Apex has invested in several food machine and automation system manufactories. In 2014, Apex set up a joint venture with our US partner All FOOD EQUIPMENT, LLC (AFE) , and started to make various dough and cream mixers, food forming machines, baking ovens, spiral coolers, and freezers.

With abundant experience and a competent management and engineering team, we successfully supplied dough mixing systems, biscuit and cookies production lines,  high speed biscuit sandwiching machines and various automation systems to our customers in the US, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Fiji,  South East Asia, Pakistan and many other countries. We have served a many well known customers in the food industries such as Mondelez, URC, Mayora, Rebisco, KwongGuan, etc. We also have successfully developed a cookie paper cup and tin loading system which has been installed in the Danisa Cookies factory as well as other cookie factories. 

Apex Office and Facility
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Food Processing,
Automation, & Packing Machines

Equipment & Machine Manufacturer for
Biscuits, Chocolates, Confections, Wafers, Packaging & More

Here at Apex Machinery and Equipment Company, LLC, we develop and manufacture automated machinery and equipment for the commercial and industrial food production industry. If you own or represent a business that makes food products for distribution and consumption by end consumers through wholesale and retail channels, and you’re looking for a trustworthy company that makes the equipment you need, take a look at what we have to offer.

Our factory is based in Mainland China – which means big savings for our customers all over the world. Our equipment and machines sell well in the U.S.A, North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

We specialize in several types of food production machines for the food and confection industries.

Biscuits: We make and manufacture complete automated biscuit, cookie, & cracker production lines; automated systems; and high-speed sandwiching equipment.

Chocolates: When it comes to chocolate production we have a complete line of industrial and commercial chocolate making equipment.

Wafers: Our wafer production line offers a complete solution for the production of all types of wafers.

Confections: We make quality confectionery machines for every type of confection from hard candies, to gummy products – and everything in between.

Packaging Equipment: Great automated packaging equipment puts the final touches on your product. Proper packaging not only looks good, and gets the consumer interested enough to try your product, but it assures your products arrive in good condition and stay fresh for the longest time possible. Our equipment takes all this and more into consideration.

Food Ovens: At Apex we create and build food ovens and tunnel ovens of all types. Be sure to check out our long list of oven types for all types of operations.

At Apex we design, develop, and build complete lines of equipment for many segments of the food production industries. If you’re looking to purchase the types of equipment we make, at some of the best prices and best quality you’re going to find, contact us for more information about how we can help you in your business.

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