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Confectionery Machines

Industrial Confectionary MachinesAt APEX Machinery & Equipment Co. LTD, we design, develop, and produce a large selection of confectionary machines that can be used to prepare and pack everything from lollipops to chewing gum sticks, pillows, chiclets and more, quickly, beautifully, efficiently, and at a cost that will appreciate.

The machines are fully automated, safe and hygienic, and make it easy to handle large amounts of confections of any type. Our machines can work with most sizes and shapes, and allow for the most efficient product handling.

Confectionary Equipment

Our confectionary equipment includes all of the tools and machines you need for the safe handling and preparation of confectionary items, including rolling and sizing tools, cooling tunnels, rope sizers, and so much more.

Our horizontal rope sizer helps with cutting and wrapping, by making candy ropes that are formed and sized using two pairs of sizers to ensure that they fit in the packet. Our rolling and scoring equipment is used for making chewing gum, and our cooling tunnels are used to prepare candy. These precise and efficient machines ensure that every piece of candy rope comes out the same size and that they pack neatly into their wrapper.


Candy Making Machines

Our candy making machines include mixers to help with the preparation of toffees and chewy candies, cooling tunnels, and extruders for the production of soft candy and milky candy.

These temperature-regulated, automated machines can work with a large amount of candy at a time, producing 100kg+ of candy per hour. In addition to candies, these machines can also be configured to work with toffees, gummies, and other sweet treats.


Hard Candy Press Machines

Our hard candy press machines can be used to prepare hard candy with ease. It is designed to support the preparation of large amounts of hard candy, shaping it to your desired design.

Our hard candy press machines are fully automated, and once the candy has been prepared it can be transported to a cooler, and then wrapped, all using our other machines for a fully automated process.


Candy Bar Making Machines

Our candy bar making machines can be used to mix and make candy bars, and then transport them for wrapping using one of our other machines.

Our machines are energy efficient, require minimal maintenance and are designed to work through large amounts of candy or chocolate. They are completely automated and will stop if a jam occurs, or if the wrapper or product runs out, minimising disruption and reducing the risk of contamination.


Food Processing Equipment for Confections

Choose from a huge range of food processing equipment, to handle toffees, candy, chewing gum, chocolate covered raisins, lollypops, chocolate bars, and more.

Our equipment has modular designs which ensure that they are easy to maintain and easy to clean, and they can work together. For example, our mixer can feed a cooling tunnel, and the rolling and scoring machine can feed the wrapping and packing machines, as can the horizontal rope sizer. We also have machines that can perform the cutting, folding and wrapping all in one, for maximum efficiency.

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