Automation System After Baking

APEX specialize in providing various customized solutions to achieve the automation of baked products stacking, sandwiching, chocolate enrobing, cooling, tray loading, various feeding for different packing systems and cartoning.

Our After-Baking Automation Systems and Machines

At Apex, we stock a range of solutions to automate the production and packaging of baked goods – our solutions include products for chocolate enrobing, paper-cup or tin loading for cookies, packing and cartoning solutions for biscuits and other products, and tray loading tools too. Our solutions are designed to ensure that the products are prepared, wrapped and packed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Tray Loading Systems

Our tray loading systems can feed round, rectangular, square and sandwiched biscuits to trays or packing machines, and can support differently sized biscuits. The machine receives the biscuits on-face from the production line or sandwiching machine, and will then align and count the biscuits to ensure that the right number is ordered, then load them into the trays or the conveyer. This ensures that the biscuits are kept intact and are lined up neatly to enter the packaging. There are also tray-loading machines that accept individual packages from a flow packing machine and will align those packages and feed them into a tray for secondary packaging. These are intended for portion packs, pre-wrapped cakes, and other similar goods.


Box Packing Machines

Our range of box-packing machines is designed to automate the process of packing products into boxes or cartons. The machines can be used to package goods with no manual intervention required. They can be used to feed items into boxes, fold the flaps, spray glue and seal the box, then discharge the box ready for transportation. They use mechanical transmission, to ensure that they are stable, smooth and efficient, with a low maintenance burden, low noise, and easy operation.

These systems have numerous safety mechanisms built-in to ensure that they will not be overloaded, and they come in high capacity versions that can load up to 3,000 boxes in a hopper, and load an average of 100 boxes per minute. They can be entirely automated, and greatly speed up the process of packing products in a hygienic and safe fashion.

Our systems can be linked together, to support, for example, the loading of cookies into paper cups which will then be fed to a second system for loading the cups into trays, and then trays into boxes. This ensures that the entire product is handled safely and efficiently, reducing waste, product damage, loss or contamination throughout the production line process.


Cartoning Machines

Our automated cartoning machines can be used to erect cartons, align products, put products into cartons and seal the cartons to ensure that they are packaged safely and the product will stay fresh. Our machines are smooth and stable, and low maintenance, with low noise and easy operation. They can pack up to 100 cartons per minute, or more, in some instances, and they have numerous fail-safes and systems to ensure that boxes are packed accurately. If there is no product to pack, then the carton will not be picked up – reducing waste, and ensuring that the products are packed properly.


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