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Our Wafer Production Line Machines

At Apex, we make equipment for an array of food production industries. We make automated production lines and systems for the high-speed production of biscuits, sandwich biscuits, cookies, crackers, and chocolates. We also offer quality machinery for the product of confections like hard candy, gummy candy and just about anything else our customers request.

Besides creating the machinery for food manufacturing we also have packaging equipment available. These machines are just what you need to put the perfect touch to your products. The packaging makes customers more interested in buying your goods, and it helps ensure that the products arrive in perfect condition. Your cookies, confections, crackers, and wafers will arrive fresh and delicious with our help.

Apex has been designing, developing and building an entire line of food production equipment. We make the best machinery at the best prices and offer it to you for your assured and continued success in your food industry.


Wafer Line Equipment

Wafers are a popular product and we have a full line of wafer line equipment that will provide you with complete solutions. No matter what types of wafers you need, we can make them for you. Ask us for any shape and we will be able to produce it for you.

Contact us to see how we can help your company produce the unique and delicious wafer cookies and candies you offer your customers. Below is a more detailed explanation of the machinery we have available for your wafer production.

Flat wafer production line machines put out between two to seven tons a day. Our hollow wafer production machine can provide you any shape you request. Your wafers can be cylindrical, pyramid, square, boat type and anything you can imagine.

We also have the hollow ball type wafer machine. This can produce up to 2300 pieces an hour. The soft waffle production line machine we have produces eight to nine and a half tons of wafers.


Wafer Production Line Manufacturer

Apex Machinery and Equipment Company, LLC is here for you if you own or represent food products for distribution and consumption. We work with wholesale and retail companies. We are based in China and can provide savings for any company in the world. Our machines sell in the USA, North America, South America, Asia and Europe.


Equipment for the Industrial Production of Wafers

Our industrial packing machines use touch-screen and PLC controls with servo motors. The backseal wheels can automatically open when the machine is stopped to prevent burnt film. The auto splicers splice the film automatically at high speeds. This guarantees fast packing and a wider range of packing choices. Our machines also provide on-demand functions.

We can export your industrial wafer machines to the US, and most international markets around the world. Use our packing machines along with sandwiching machines or automation systems. Both will work for on-line packing. Contact us today for more information about our industrial food and wafer production line machines.

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