Dust Free Sugar Grinder

With our Dust Free Sugar Grinder, the materials are sucked into the milling chamber under the negative pressure, and then are impacted, cut and ground under the effect of the large air-flow between the blade and module. The process of the crushing is free of dust because of the dust removal system. The fine dust will be sucked into chamber. The capacity can reach 1000-1500kgs/hour, and grinding fineness is between 80~10um.

糖粒会在负压状态下被吸入主机粉碎腔体,然后在切刀和模具的作用下,进行剪切粉碎。机器配备除尘柜,所以工作环境无粉尘。产量可以达到1000-1500kgs/hour, 目数在80-100之间。